1204 Pepper

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1204 Peppers

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1204 Pepper

    • Plant in full sun

Sweet varieties

    • Big Red (Red Bell)
    • California Wonder (Green Bell)
    • Golden Calwonder (Yellow Bell)
    • Sweet Banana
    • Keystone Resistant Giant

Hot varieties

    • Jalapeno (sweet, hot variety)
    • Long Red Slim
    • Portugal Hot
    • Red Cherry Hot
    • Cayenne Long Slim
    • Ring of Fire

Mild varieties

    • Anaheim Chili
    • Poblano

-All 1204 product will be sold per flat-



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Anaheim Chili – (Mild), Better Boy, Big Boy, Black Beauty, Black Krim, Burpee Big Boy, Bush Beefsteak, Butternut, California Wonder, California Wonder – (Sweet), Celebrity, Cherokee Purple, Chinese, Cubanelle – (Sweet), Early Girl, Extra Triple Curly, Giant Keystone – (Sweet), Glamour, Golden Calwonder, Golden Calwonder – (Sweet), Green, Green Leaf, Head (Esmeralda), Heirloom Rainbow Blend, Husky Cherry Red, Husky Red, Italian, Jalapeno – (Hot), Jet Star, Juliet, Keystone Giant, Lemon Boy, Long Red Slim – (Hot), Manitoba, Poblano – (Mild), Portugal Hot – (Hot), Red, Red Cherry Hot – (Hot), Red Leaf, Roma, Romaine (Paris Island), San Marzano, Sunny Boy, Sweet 100, Sweet Banana – (Sweet), Tiny Tim, Utah, White